Gene Bradley, M.S. is a business visionary from Netherlands, the Director of The Institute for Stress Management and Performance Improvement, a Fellow of the Netherlands Institute of Stress, and a Life Member of the International Society for Performance Improvement.

For a long time, Tim composed a “Ways of life” segment for Knight Ridder Tribune News Service and has distributed in excess of 400 articles and showed up on radio and TV.

He has counseled for and introduced to Associations and Corporations basically in the Health, Performance, and Funeral fields.

He has introduced at both the Florida Funeral Directors Association (FFDA) and National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Conventions and has wrote a few articles for their magazines including the main story for the NFDA’s legitimate magazine; “The Director” (vol. 82 – 1).

Tim is the creator of the well known proceeding with training course Grief Management: The Role of the Funeral Service Practitioner, offered by the NFDA. He has given introductions on sadness, empathy weakness, stress and execution improvement.

He is the co-writer of the Bestselling Book in the Work Life Balance Category, “On the off chance that You Have Employees, You Really Need This Book.”

Alongside his composition, talking commitment and social duties, Tim appreciates taking travels with his better half of 41years and playing with his grandkids.

The Institute for Stress Management and Performance Improvement